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Pelvic floor exercises are easy. Best of all, these vital muscles aren’t visible to other people, so no one can tell when you’re exercising them on the bus, in the office or simply relaxing in front of the TV.

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If you have stress incontinence or mixed incontinence, these exercises could be very beneficial. In fact, up to 70% of people with stress incontinence experience improvements. Better still, you can be at any life stage and still improve your symptoms - so it’s well worth the effort. But remember, you’ve got to keep up with the exercises to maintain the benefits.

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TENA liners are designed to be ultrathin for discretion, but super absorbent to keep you protected and feeling fresh all day. All liners have Body Shape™ Fit for comfort and Odour Control™ so you can confidently enjoy your day.

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TENA pads are all designed with Body Shape™ Fit for comfort and security. They have a Dryfast Core™ that contains Super Absorbent Polymers, which lock away the liquid and any odours to maximize your confidence and keep you feeling fresh and dry.

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TENA pants are designed to look and feel discreet, like regular underwear. They’re perfect for moderate to heavy bladder weakness and will keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

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