Women and bladder weakness

One in four women will, at some stage of their life, experience bladder weakness.

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One in four women will, at some stage of their life, experience bladder weakness, but as more and more are discovering, it doesn’t mean you have to become a recluse.

These days, women with bladder weakness are continuing to live busy and happy lives, supported by products specially designed to help them manage their bladder weakness.

It’s all about finding information and taking action.

If you are experiencing bladder control issues, you need to first seek medical advice. There is a range of management options available, and your doctor is the best person to discuss which course of action is best.

 And then, when it comes to choosing the right products for you, TENA is here.

Find out more about causes and treatments for women. 

You can also keep up to date on interesting and useful facts and simple tips that are updated regularly in our article section. 

Looking for some quick answers? Our frequently asked question page may be the solution. 

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TENA liners are designed to be ultrathin for discretion, but super absorbent to keep you protected and feeling fresh all day. All liners have Body Shape™ Fit for comfort and Odour Control™ so you can confidently enjoy your day.

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TENA pads are all designed with Body Shape™ Fit for comfort and security. They have a Dryfast Core™ that contains Super Absorbent Polymers, which lock away the liquid and any odours to maximize your confidence and keep you feeling fresh and dry.

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TENA pants are designed to look and feel discreet, like regular underwear. They’re perfect for moderate to heavy bladder weakness and will keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

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Types, Causes & Treatments
Types, Causes & Treatments

Types, Causes & Treatments

It's more common than we think. In fact 37% of Australian women are affected by incontinence. Even though it’s not easy to talk about, incontinence is usually very easy to treat or even completely heal. 

Types, Causes & Treatments
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