TENA Pants Discreet High Waist Creme Super - Large*

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Product description

These pants are made of soft, crème-coloured fabric, making them look and feel deceptively like regular underwear, but with maximum absorbency.

They pull up and down for easy toilet use and have tear-away side-seams for convenient removal if soiled.

The stretchy, breathable fabric, wide waistband and Body ContourTM shape provide a comfortably snug fit, while the soft leg cuffs secure against leaks. They also have Odour LockTM technology to prevent odours from developing.

Also available in Medium.

*Availability is currently limited in New Zealand

Use this product for:

  • When you may not make it to the toilet in time
  • All-day protection from regular or continual leaks
  • Social events, travel and outings

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On average, it takes someone suffering from incontinence 8 tries before they find the right product for their specific needs.