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Product description

These pants are made of soft, crème-coloured fabric, making them look and feel deceptively like regular underwear, but with maximum absorbency.

They pull up and down for easy toilet use and have tear-away side-seams for convenient removal if soiled.

The stretchy, breathable fabric, wide waistband and Body ContourTM shape provide a comfortably snug fit, while the soft leg cuffs secure against leaks. They also have Odour LockTM technology to prevent odours from developing.

Available in Medium (M) and Large (L).

Use this product for:

  • Everyday moderate bladder weakness – more than a cup but less than a whole bladder
  • Discreet and secure protection – even under fitted clothes
  • An alternative to a higher absorbency pad
  • A day on the golf course or a netball tournament

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Did you know?

4.87 million Australians are affected by incontinence