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Pelvic floor exercises are easy. Best of all, these vital muscles aren’t visible to other people, so no one can tell when you’re exercising them on the bus, in the office or simply relaxing in front of the TV.

Exercise Zone Exercise Zone


Start by scheduling your bathroom visits. Going only at regular intervals, for example every two hours, can help you gain more control over your bladder. If you feel you have to go before scheduled time, use the pelvic floor exercises to hold it until the urge passes. Over time you can train yourself to go less frequently.



TENA Men guards are anatomically shaped for the male anatomy for maximum discretion, comfortable fit and security. They come in different levels of absorbency and sizes to ensure you can find the product most suitable for you.

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These unique pull up pants are designed to look and feel like regular underwear. Made from soft, breathable material in a boy-leg style with a grey stripe pattern and grey waistband. Designed to provide maximum protection with targeted absorption in the front zone these are ideal for heavy bladder weakness or when you want the security and comfort of wearing underwear.

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