What are Little Leaks?

Leaks are probably more common than you think. Whether you’ve just had a baby, or started to experience a little leak when you’re squatting at the gym, 1 in 3 women will experience them in their lifetime. It’s natural and doesn’t have to alter your lifestyle.


It might not be something that’s widely talked about, but it’s something that millions of women across the globe are currently experiencing. We know that it’s completely natural and we want you to know that you’re not alone!  It’s especially common during and after pregnancy, right before menstruation or during menopause.



Little leaks should not stop you going about your day. By choosing the right product you can remain fresh and confident throughout the day. Our Lights by TENA liners are designed specifically for urine absorption, as opposed to sanitary pads which are designed for blood and other bodily fluids. Our Lights By TENA liners contain polymers that quickly lock urine into the core of the liner, keeping moisture and odour securely locked away so you can get on with it!

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